What do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?


Now that the paperback version of the best-selling A Dog Named Boo is starting to appear on shelves, a friend of ours sent in this photo from their local Target that made me laugh.

It’s quite the juxtaposition, but it made me think about just what do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?

  • Boo’s certainly no computer tycoon.
  • Boo’s only interaction with an apple has bee as the occasional snack treat.
  • Boo is clearly a dog and Job – well not so much.
  • They do both had a thoughtful kind of mischievous expression on their book covers
  • They both have the distinguished salt and pepper thing going on.
  • They are both the subjects of best-selling books.

In short, they couldn’t be further from each other’s place in this world yet here they are together on the shelf at Target.

Funny old world!

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