Boo Travels Through Time

Boo’s travels through the twentieth century

For the kids in the Stepping Stones class, we liked to pretend that Boo had traveled to other places and times in the twentieth century.

Another game the kids squealed over, and the one I most enjoyed putting together, was Where in the World Is Boo? I would ask Lawrence to make silly photoshopped pictures of Boo in various places on the planet and sometimes in outer space, too. I told the kids that Boo was a great explorer and challenged them to guess where he traveled to by the surroundings in the picture.

A Dog Named Boo, How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other— and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way, pg 281

Always the adventurer, Boo was in Egypt in 1912 at the heyday of twentieth century Egyptian archeology.

In Paris during the roaring ’20’s Boo hung out with notables like Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Beach, often at Shakespeare and Company.

Confused by the turmoil of the cold war, Boo briefly found himself traveling into space with Soviet female cosmonaut Tereshkova on June 16, 1963. Boo’s only comment was, “It’s scary in space.”

Always loving Paris, Boo returned there in the early 1970’s to visit his friend Jacques Cousteau. And being the imp that he is, Boo kept stealing Cousteau’s hat.

Boo, commandeering Cousteau’s boat
Hiding from Cousteau at the Eiffel Tower

Our world traveler came to us on Halloween 2000 and his greatest journey began.

Puppy Boo, fall 2000
Sr. Boo, spring 2014