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What do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?


Now that the paperback version of the best-selling A Dog Named Boo is starting to appear on shelves, a friend of ours sent in this photo from their local Target that made me laugh.

It’s quite the juxtaposition, but it made me think about just what do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?

  • Boo’s certainly no computer tycoon.
  • Boo’s only interaction with an apple has bee as the occasional snack treat.
  • Boo is clearly a dog and Job – well not so much.
  • They do both had a thoughtful kind of mischievous expression on their book covers
  • They both have the distinguished salt and pepper thing going on.
  • They are both the subjects of best-selling books.

In short, they couldn’t be further from each other’s place in this world yet here they are together on the shelf at Target.

Funny old world!


A Dog Named Boo is on the Sunday Times UK bestseller list!

I can’t tell you how thrilled and humbled I am to say that A Dog Named Boo is now on the Sunday Times paperback best-seller list in the United Kingdom!

(It just missed being on the list last week and comes in this week at Number 10.)

Its UK title is Boo! The Underdog With a Heart of Gold and Little, Brown has done an amazing job helping Boo’s (and my) story reach so many readers!

The list is behind a pay-wall on the Sunday Times website (hence no link) – but here’s a screenshot from the electronic edition:

Sunday Times Bestsellers - 10/14/12

At this point I’m just speechless.


The Three P’s of Dog Training (and book give-away!) over on Dogster!

As part of the festivities surrounding A Dog Named Boo, I put together a guest blog post for my friends over at Dogster.

It’s about what I call The Three P’s of Dog Training: patience, persistence, and perfect-is-not-all-it’s-cracked-up-to-be and how they can help in your training.

In addition to the guest blog post, Dogster is also having a contest to win a copy of A Dog Named Boo!

Head on over and check it out!

Here’s a link!


A Dog Named Boo is going large!

I‘m very happy to say that Center Point Large Print will be publishing A Dog Named Boo in a large print format for vision-impaired readers.

I’ve always wanted A Dog Named Boo to be available to as many people as possible and the fact that it will be available to special needs readers is absolutely dear to my heart.

The publication date is still being worked out and when I know what it is I’ll pass it along!