A Dog Named Boo was reviewed by Interactions magazine!

Pet Partners (formerly known as the Delta Society) reviewed A Dog Named Boo in the latest issue of their periodical magazine, Interactions.

In short, they loved it!


Because Interactions magazine is print-only here is the review below:

This book tells the story of Boo, a mischievous rescue pup who overcame a few bumps and health challenges to find his way into the lives and hearts of so many people working as a therapy dog. The book’s author, Lisa Edwards, is a professional dog trainer as well as having served as a Pet Partners Instructor and Evaluator for more than 10 years. In A Dog Named Boo, Lisa shares the journey she, Boo and her other dogs have taken with a warmth and understanding, and you’ll also find a wealth of training tips and excellent advice on making visits with a therapy dog. What is special about this book is that Lisa opens up to how powerful the human-animal bond is especially when facing life challenges. A wonderful, heartfelt read.

Jayne Ryan, Therapy Animal Program Coordinator – Facilities and Affiliates

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